Nick & Carolyn


Justina saved our wedding. We thought we had everything taken care of until the night of our rehearsal. After a terrible rehearsal, everyone left not having a clue of what they were doing. Justina stepped up and made a plan. She coordinated a night that worked for everyone to redo the rehearsal. She went above and beyond making sure everyone knew what they were doing for our big day. Something unexpected happened the night before the Wedding. Just as we were easing our minds and looking forward to the following day, we find out our minister was not licenced, He had never told us, and we took classes with him and everything. This is one of the LAST things a Bride and Groom wants to hear the night before their wedding.

So, I called Justina the morning of our Wedding in tears. Within an hour of this mess Justina was able to put together a new plan. She had found an ordained officiant to marry us in the next three hours to come and arranged a last-minute decorating of the church. She made sure we were worry free and relaxed for our special day. Because we had Justina, our wedding turned out beautiful. Justina also came out to the photoshoot location to make sure it went smoothly and added many great suggestions for takes. We were quite impressed with her kit, and how she had refreshments for the party and some snacks to keep us going, my bridal party was so grateful for this.

I can honestly say Justina saved our wedding. Justina is an incredible, bubbly person, she listened, understood and put our dreams in to play. She exceeded our expectations. I only wish I had hired her from the beginning to avoid those bumps that we had to experience. If you are looking for a Wedding Planner, look no further then Justina’s Just Planned.

Thank you, Justina, you are truly a blessing.


Blake C.


I was so surprised and happy with my surprise Outdoor Retirement party. I was amazed by the country theme with so many added details. From the outdoor equipment to the music, food, guests and all. I was so happy to have been part of that day. I was so surprised and so pleased with the outcome.


Joseph & Dorothy


My husband and I got married on Oct. 26th, 19 we had Justina Desjardins help me with planning our wedding. She was incredible, she took my ideas and made them a reality. She stuck within the budget we had given her, and she was always full of ideas and not afraid to give feedback on any that I had had. I trusted her to completely decorate the hall and it turned our beautifully. She is the totally someone you need to have in your corner.

Anna S.

Justina was a complete peace of mind planner. I gave her a theme and she ran with it. I don’t do well with details and she was able to handle and make excellent recommendations without going over budget.

I can’t imagine doing the planning for my husbands retirement party on my own. Her initiative was both refreshing and creative.
She provided beyond my expectations and the party was a success enjoyed by all.

If you’re even remotely thinking of having someone take the baton to provide an amazing venue and fun filled memories, you won’t be disappointed with “Just Planned”

Justina’s enthusiasm oozed and it really felt like she not only owned the planning, but really went above and beyond my expectations.

Just book it! You won’t regret it

Rachel C.

Baby Shower Feb 27 2021

Justina is a very enthusiastic, energetic and professional individual. The event she put together for me was even more special because she had done it. I would recommend her to anyone for any occasion because of her organizational skills and positive attitude. Not only was she able to fulfill everything that I requested, she added little fun surprises along the way. She made my guests who had never met each other engage in group activities and still communicate after my shower! This is an amazing quality to me.

Thank you so much Justina!

Rachelle & Aryan

I cannot thank Justina and Just Planned for helping us to plan our dream wedding in under 2 months! She will truly go above and beyond to make sure that everything is just perfect for your event. She has many resources and connections, which helped tremendously when things weren’t going as planned due to COVID restrictions continuously changing.

Not once during this process did I feel alone in planning or nervous for the big day. I had 100% confidence that, if Justina was in charge and by my side, everything would turn out exactly as we had envisioned, plus more!

Thank you to Just Planned for helping us with our big day and for being my new go-to event planner for any occasion.

Mary C.

Absolutely perfect! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Justina made every effort to make our daughter’s baby shower the perfect day. Her positive energetic attitude and ability to problem-solve on the fly are key to her success. She has great ideas and is incredibly talented. Justina listened and understood our vision for the day and was able to help us achieve our vision.

Justina was involved in all aspects of the shower keeping us on track and taking away our stresses. We chose to hold the shower virtually and Justina knew exactly what to do, from breakout rooms to games, even amazing IT support. We would highly recommend her to our friends and family and won’t hesitate to reach out to her again for our next celebration

Justina, we can’t thank you enough for handling to making this day so enjoyable for all.

Jessica & Brian

Shortly after getting engaged, I decided it would be a good idea to hire a wedding coordinator in order to help keep things organized and to decrease the stress that naturally comes along with planning a wedding. I did my research and talked to many event coordinators. However, as soon as I spoke with Justina, she instantly made me feel at ease with her warm and friendly personality. I hired her instantly, and I am so glad I did. She was so on top of things and produced a smooth and beautiful wedding for my new husband, Brian, and me. Because of Justina, Brian and I were able to enjoy our special day stress-free. She made our vision come to life – she’s like a magician! Justina also had her husband, Aaron, help out on the wedding day. I could instantly tell they were a happy and loving couple, and that they just love! Because at the end of the day, that’s really what it is all about celebrating love. I can tell Justina is passionate about what she does.

Justina, you were the best gift Brian and I could’ve ever given ourselves, and now we wonder how we could’ve possibly managed without you. Thank you and we love you!