Re-Organizing Your Special Event

We are still finding ourselves in some unpredictable circumstances with Covid-19.

Some of you have your Wedding or other event booked, but either had to cancel, postpone or maybe you are still thinking about having it (but with less people).

Sometimes getting married or having a special event planned is not only due to the availability of that specific date with vendors, but it holds a memorable moment in your life with sentimental reasons.

There is no reason you cannot have your event at that date as planned and create a more intimate day with family and friends, even with some social distancing.
Getting creative whether its streaming your wedding vows and celebrating with family & friends later, or having guests in their car to celebrate from a distance.

There is always a way to make your event both memorable and special, no matter what is going on around us.

If you are considering going ahead with your previous event at this time, and you need someone to help you with that process and possibly your future event, please don’t hesitate to email, text or call me.

Be Safe. Stay Healthy.
We will get through this together.

Warm Regards,


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