Postpone or Cancel Event

Sometimes circumstances change…….a change of heart, an illness, or something life altering means that the event you were looking forward to just can’t happen.

Having to deal with the unplanning of your event can leave you mentally, emotionally and financially exhausted.  That’s why we are here to help!

The thought of having to call loved ones, cancel venues and services on top of already feeling terrible about your cancelled event is daunting.

Let us make those tough calls for you.

For the moments that you need some help changing plans, we can make those calls for you.
These are just a few things that we can assist you with
Unlimited email/phone communication
Discussion on deposits and communicating with vendors
Notifying vendors regarding cancellations
Gathering information for postponed event
Notifying guests by preferred method (email or phone)
Honeymoon arrangements
Returning rental items
Any questions or concerns about this service can be emailed to us at
Let's get started

What We Offer


Choose from one of your favourite places to cater at your event.


Make your proposal memorable and unforgettable, we can help


The moment you walk down the aisle without any stress


Ensuring the event is fun and something to brag about


No moment is complete without capturing amazing pictures

what our clients say

... However, as soon as I spoke with Justina, she instantly made me feel at ease with her warm and friendly personality.

...Because of Justina, Brian and I were able to enjoy our special day stress-free. She made our vision come to life - she’s like a magician!

Jessica & Brian
Jessica & Brian

Absolutely perfect! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Justina made every effort to make our daughter's baby shower the perfect day...

... Justina was involved in all aspects of the shower keeping us on track and taking away our stresses.

Mary C.
Mary C

I cannot thank Justina and Just Planned for helping us to plan our dream wedding in under 2 months!...

... Not once during this process did I feel alone in planning or nervous for the big day.

Rachelle & Aryan
Rachelle & Aryan

Not only was she able to fulfill everything that I requested, she added little fun surprises along the way. She made my guests who had never met each other engage in group activities and still communicate after my shower! This is an amazing quality to me.

Rachel C
Rachel C.

Justina was a complete peace of mind planner. I don’t do well with details and she was able to handle and make excellent recommendations without going over budget. Justina's enthusiasm oozed and it really felt like she not only owned the planning, but really went above and beyond my expectations.

Anna S.

I had the best retirement party possible. Justina planned the details up to the day of, and dealt with some hiccups with catering. Not only was everything planned out nicely, but she stayed within the budget that my son gave her. I'm overall happy with how everything went and how surprised I was.

Blake C.
Blake C.