Keep Calm & Create

Good Evening Everyone,

My hope for today is that you are well, that you are being safe and considerate of others through this COVID-19 pandemic.
Despite so much negative at this time, I encourage you with that time that you may have off, or the time you may be sitting and worrying, to take a few minutes, hours or days to distract your mind with the hopes and visions of tomorrow.

If you started or have been wondering when you have time to plan a special event for this year, take today, now and just brainstorm what it is you would love to see on your special day!

Do you picture a COLOURFUL event? An ELEGANT event? A CRAFTY event? A VINTAGE, MODERN, VICTORIAN or SIMPLY YOU event?
Being unique & original is so much fun. It takes some time, some effort and good support along the way to make it all happen. Who can you bounce ideas off of? Maybe call a friend or a member of your family and just chat about the awesome ideas you have come up with. Write them down so you don’t forget.

There are so many areas of planning that I can imagine bringing together as a whole. I really enjoy sitting down at my desk to stir up ideas of possible future events. I think of the Venue, Floral Arrangements, Attire, Décor, Photographs being taken on set of a scenic occasion. I think of colours that pop and ones that are soft and textured. I think of the time of day, rain or shine. The music surrounding & bringing people together. The presentation of a meal & delicious desserts. It can go on for as long as I want.

Creativity can unlock so many great things to share with others.
It makes us relatable and can really make us feel all kinds of appreciation and admiration. We all have something to contribute.

What are you good at? What do you enjoy? How does what you do impact or serve others in different ways? Does your artwork tell a story? Do your photographs tell a story through a different lens, if we were to see it through your view? Does the music you play or write resonate with others? When you go to work and talk to people on the phone, are you kind? Do you smile at the cashier that works at the grocery store, who is having a rough day, despite your own struggles?

So much to think about isn’t there?

Enjoy some time to yourself, or with your family today.

Quick Reminder: No matter what it is,
Create something beautiful & remember it forever…


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